We can consult on solutions for various aspects like

Project Management Support

  • Implementation of turnkey projects in Aero-Medical simulators like High altitude simulators, Human Centrifuge,
  • Thermal chambers, Disorientation simulators, Underwater sub gravity training facilities etc
  • Critical design reviews
  • Aero-Medical Equipment & Maintenance Services
  • Development Human Engineering Work Station Design for Crew Module
  • Isolation and Psychological Management Labs
  • Clinical Space Medical and Surgical Management
  • Biochemistry & Toxicology in Space
  • Space Station Life Support System
  • Heat, Cold & Vibrations Stress labs

Creation of Accredited Test Laboratories for

  • Life support systems
  • Environmental Control System
  • Food, Water and Hygiene Technology Lab for aviation & space
  • Lab for setting QRs, creating User Manuals for activities of Aviation, Medical & engineering fields

Travel Medicine

  • Establishment of an Airline Medical department
  • Establishment of an Air Ambulance Services
  • Evolving & implementing the Cockpit crew Health Maintenance Programme
  • Medical advice to passengers on international travel Helping evolve & implement Safety Procedures & Policies
  • Advising Management on International travel & Health Regulations
  • Authorised medical attendant for aircrew, Cabin crew, Ground Crew on annual, contract basis