Corporate Medicine

  • Preventive health Programmes
  • Human Engineering Safety Programmes
  • First Aid & Safety Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Preventive Programmes
  • Survival Training


Space Medicine

  • Medical Clearance for Space Travel
  • Training for short duration Space Travel
  • Explosive Decompression & High altitude simulator training
  • Rapid Recompression Chamber
  • Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP)
  • Disorientation Simulator
  • Gimbals’ Mounted Tumbling Device (GMTD)
  • Training in Advanced First Aid Training and Medical Emergencies
  • Training on Life Support System
  • Sub Gravity training
  • High Gravity training etc

Civil Aviation

  • Class I,II,III,FATA/ATC/AME/Cabin Crew Medical Examinations
  • Basic Aviation Medicine Course
  • DGCA medical certification SOPs Training
  • Advance Aviation Medicine Training Course
  • Aircrew, Cabin crew, Ground crew, First Aid & Safety Training Programmes
  • Aviation physiology course
  • Disorientation Course
  • Survival training
  • Indoctrination & Training of Air Crew/Cabin Crew in Av Med & First Aid
  • Medical Assessment for appeal medicals of all types of employment medicals including NDA, AFA, Army, Navy etc
  • Publishing Papers and Conducting seminars