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SAMECS Plus has the capacity to lend it’s expertise to a wide variety of projects that could range from those related to aviation safety, air crew training to even assistance with air accident and incident investigations. With the decades of experience that our teams bring to the table, clients can rest assured that in the our field of aviation and space technology, we truly are experts.

SAMECS Plus Services

Our services that are being used by most commercial airlines like Air India, Jet, Spicejet, Air Asia, Goair, Indigo, Bluedart, Air Pegasus and NSOPs/ Private Operators including Air Odisha, RIL, L&T, Innovative Aviation etc are:

  • Provisioning of in house cost effective efficient Breathalysers for PFMC with complete technical support
  • Training Dummies for CPR & First Aid Training for Civil Aviation/Corporate/Industries
  • Medical documentations,
  • Processes & internal SOPs
  • Development & maintenance of airline medical department
  • Pre-employment medicals & flight safety processes
  • DGCA Class I,II,III,FATA Renewal & Initial Class II medical examination
  • First aid training for Cockpit & Cabin crew
  • FRMS implementation
  • Selection Training & placement of qualified MOs, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

SAMECS Plus Products

Breathalyser instruments

  • Latest Biometric based self recording Alcometer Kiosk with Vedio recording & Print/Download Solutions with capability 30-40,000 records
  • Tayaltech Airsafe 2016 with printer
  • T 2016, Alcocatch model with inbuilt printer
  • Alcoking with printer,
  • Alcotruth with printer

Medical Kits for On Board carriage on Aircraft/Helicopters

  • Customised Long duration Use Medical/ First Aid Kits from 1 week to 3 months use
  • FAKs
  • Physician Kits
  • Universal Kits
  • Air Hostesses FAKs
  • Accident investigations Kits
  • Software Service for tracking kits on board for expiry dates of medicines

Currently in use by multiple airlines. like Air India, Air Asia, Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air, Vastara and many NSOPs 

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