Space Medicine

Training on simulators like:

  • Sub gravity research
  • Isolation studies
  • Sleep research
  • Biofeedback
  • Life support systems design
  • Food Sanitation & Air Safety
  • Toxicology in Air Transport


Other Activities

  • Assisting in Accident incident Investigations
  • First Aid & Physician Kits on board as required by DGCA
  • Medical standards for Flight Deck Crew
  • Incapacitated passengers Care
  • Disinsection & Disinfection on Aircraft
  • Airport Disaster Management Plan & Training
  • Preparing Cockpit Crew for Licence Renewal Medical Examination
  • Medical participation following Aircraft Accident
  • Treatment & Follow up of Cockpit Crew, grounded temporarily for early return to flying
  • Pre-employment Medical Examinations of Operating Crew